What to Expect

First, we will custom fit the chair in order to maximize your comfort during the treatment.


Next, will find the treatment location. This is accomplished initial by locating the motor strip on the left side of the brain, and then causing the right thumb to twitch in response to magnetic impulse. The treatment location will take place 5.5 cm in front of this location.


From there we will determine your dose or the strength of the magnetic pulse generated by the NeuroStar TMS machine. Once your dose has been determined, you will be ready for treatment.

During treatment, you will be reclined in the TMS chair. The magnetic coil will be gently positioned on your head. NeuroStar TMS will deliver targeted magnetic pulses directly to a specific location of the brain.


There will be a clicking sound, similar to an MRI, and you will experience a tapping sensation on your scalp. NeuroStar TMS therapy lasts 18-37 minutes and is administered 5 days per week for approximately 4-6 weeks.

You will be able to drive yourself home from your visits since there are no effects on memory or alertness.